My Story

I was first introduced to Scentsy in December of 2009 when I received my very first warmer and bar for Christmas. At the time, I did not realize how meaningful this little "gift" actually was.

I had never heard of Scentsy before, and truth be told, the box sat for a few weeks before my sister urged me to open the package and plug it in. I instantly fell in love! I used my new warmer every day with my very first Scentsy bar, "Toasted Caramel Sugar." (I will never ever forget that smell!)

All of the women in my family got one that Christmas (thanks Uncle Fred and Aunt Teri!) and we all loved and used our warmers regularly. One day at an aunt's house, I accidentally bumped and broke her precious warmer! Embarrassed and desperate, I realized I did not know anyone who sold Scentsy for a replacement. It was then that I decided to become a consultant. I was already such a HUGE fan of Scentsy and I wanted to keep my family stocked (and my addiction fed)!

Scentsy was the best gift I could have received and looking back, I wish I'd opened that box the moment I unwrapped it! More than making my home smell wonderful, Scentsy has without a doubt transformed my life, in every way imaginable. I am obsessed and the wonderful thing is, the Scentsy opportunity really is a gift for everyone! My passion for this company grows every day and although I do have an 8-5, it's easy to party on the side with Scentsy.

Every time UPS drops off a shipment, it feels just like Christmas all over again! My favorite part is filling customer orders, tying them up with a bow, and bringing happiness to my customer's homes. Order today and make me your new Scentsy Consultant or join my growing team, I'd love to help you get started!

My Scentsy Accomplishments

2019 Annual Sales Award Recipient

Reach for the Beach Cancun Incentive Trip Earner - January 2019

2018 Annual Sales Award Recipient

Mediterranean Cruise Incentive Trip Earner - June 2018

2017 Annual Sales Award Recipient

Top 100 Worldwide Africa Incentive Earner - June 2017

NYC Leadership Retreat Earner - January 2017

2016 Annual Sales Award Recipient

Walt Disney World Incentive Earner - June 2016

Cozumel Cruise Leadership Retreat Earner - January 2016

Director Boot Camp Graduate - October 2015

Promoted to Scentsy Director - August 2015

Come Sail Away Incentive Cruise Earner - Summer 2015

CanDo Cancun Leadership Incentive Trip Earner - January 2015

Atlantis in the Bahamas Incentive Trip Earner - Summer 2014

Blast Off Summer Success Incentive Earner - Summer 2012

Warmin' Up the Summer Incentive Earner - Summer 2011

$188,000 in lifetime retail sold